This is a Recommended Massage for those who had recent Plastic Surgery. Consisting of a manual hand massage by nurse with essential oil with CBD to get rid of the extra lymph fluid, inflammation and swelling, followed by 30 minutes body contouring treatments. You will also receive nutritional supplements to help you achieve the best result.

Contour Maintenance

Now that you have the body you want- now lets keep it! Body contouring with cavitation and RF treatments will keep your results looking good for years to come. Recommended to have monthly with alternating lymphatic massages POST-OP LIPO/BBL/TUMMY TUCK CLIENTS.

Detox Lymphatic Massage

Uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increases the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body. A warmed room with the soft pumping movement allows for flushing of the immune system so that it works and drain properly.

Wood Therapy Cellulite Treatment

Redefines Body Contours-Reduces Cellulite-Facilitates Weight Loss. Based on ancient techniques that employs anatomically-sculpted wooden instruments to improve body size and proportions while advancing overall health. Followed by skin tightening body wrap to enhance the effects.

Jade Infared Chiropractic Massage Bed Therapy

Jade Infared Massage Bed works to relieve back problems and chronic posture related symptoms. Immediate Relief and Relaxation thru the combination of Deep tissue rollers, Infared light and heat allows foe maximum full body circulation and release of toxins.


Meet with a Breast Fitter to discuss needs and order Breast Care Products. We Provide Custom, Traditional and Partial Forms. Pre & Postoperative Products—Bras, Symmetry shapers, and Compression Products.

Customized Wig Consults/Order

Choose Style/Custom Order 100% Human Hair Wigs—Measurements and Made to Order Styles.

EyeLash Extensions

Applications of lash fibers that look natural, feel natural and last as long as your natural lash cycle offering various styles to choose from classic, wispy, and volume.


Skin analysis followed deep cleaning moisturizing services catered to you.

Vibra board

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Vacuum Therapy

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Butt Enhancement

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